Dead Sled Wrenchers

New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum Association Winter Show 2007

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2007 was a tough year for snow and we were worried we'd end up like the 2006 show where there was no snow at all but at the last minute mother nature came through. There was maybe 6" of powder on the ground, and the day was warm (well, warm-ish, it was February after all) but the crowd was small. I think the snow scared alot of people away as did the claim that the bridge was out and there'd be no trail riding. Angie and I went and checked it out and found all the bridges we'd expected. Anyway because of the risk of no trailriding Angie and I were the only ones from our regular group so we actually didn't ride a whole lot. Talked to some great people, including a group near us riding all old ('72 or older) Ski-Doos. I need to get time to edit a supplimental video to show some of their antics.
Anyway as usual this video is part of the build up of footage toward a DVD I'm working on (slowly but slowly) for the NHSMA. I need to find some time to really work with them and get some interviews and such to flesh it out. Keep an eye out, once its finished I'll put a note up here.

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