Dead Sled Wrenchers
Arctic Cat

1973 Cheetah 440
1974 Cheetah 440

Owned by Kevin Hunt
Kevin reports that he spent Valentines day 2004 in the garage putting rings in the engine for this '74 so he could take it to the NHSMA Winter Rally.
This year Kevin adds that the '73 was bought as a parts sled for the '74, but after looking at it he decided it deserved a chance. Great job on both of them Kevin!

1971 303 Panther
1972 303 Panther
Owned by Curt Raymond   Owned by Glen Mallory
Seen here piloted by his daughter Jessica.
1979 Pantera 5000
1986 Panther 500
Owned by Ed Thompson   Owned by Curt Raymond
Taken along with the El Tigre 5000 below in trade for my Centurion. Currently for sale!
1972 Kitty Kat
1981 Eltigre 5000

Owned by Eddie Thompson

Here ridden by Luke Thompson

  Owned by Curt Raymond
Taken along with the Panther above in trade on my Centurion. What a nice light and fast sled!
1969 P22J
1969 P19H

Owned by Kevin Hunt

Kevin's got a ways to go on this one!

  Owned by Anthony Kretowicz

Anthony reports that the wankle motor in this sled was no good so he replaced it with a 192r Hirth. So it was a P20W but now its a P19H.
1968 P17H
1970 P340J

Owned by Paul Gunns

Paul says his Dad brought the '68 home as a project sled in 1970 and he's been hooked on sleds ever since. The '70 was bought after sitting for 35 years with less than 100 miles on it.


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