Dead Sled Wrenchers
t h e r s

197? Ariens Arrow 400 SS 1976 John Deere Cyclone 340
Owned by Jeff Baker

Owned by Kevin Hunt

Kevin tells me that this one came with a 440 in it and ran good until it ate a CDI. Now he's "put it on the table again" for a more complete going over. I say it's looking great!

2x - 1970 Johnson Ski Horse 1975 Harley Davidson

Owned by David Babcock
A man with enough gall to call himself "the man with 2 Johnsons"
At one time all these sleds were for sale, maybe they still are? You can email him directly


Sent in by Tim Peterson
He says its from a get together with his friends. They call themselves the "Swap Donkeys".


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